Himnidra D-Stressil

    With increasingly busier lives, most of us are constantly tired. Obligation and pressures of intense daily lives make many people experience constant exhaustion, fatigue, and heaviness in head. One of the symptoms that can be incredibly distressing is the feeling of warmness in head as a result of vasoconstriction due to head congestion.

    Deltas Himnidra D-Stress Oil is a unique blend of herbs and carrier oils known to pacify head congestion, headache and warmness. Sandalwood oil acts on Central Nervous System and creates a calming, harmonizing effect on the mind. N.Jatamansi and H. indicus roots calm overly active mind due to its tranquilizing effect, thereby promoting healthy sleep. S.cordifolia aids in nervine disorders, anxiety and sleep disorders. E. Alba perks up the blood flow to the head thus relieves headache and head congestion. Plant based herbal camphor & M. spicata induce refreshing and cooling sensation thereby alleviates headache. These essential oils possess anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, thereby helping to manage dandruff, itching and dryness.

    It is a non-habit forming formula due to its natural composition and it's regular massage ensures healthy lifestyle.

    Application: Apply sufficient Himnidra D-Stress OIl with gentle circular massage using fingertips all over the scalp, temples, forehead, neck, back and spine. Do not allow the application around eyes or orbits.

    Pack size :100ml

    MRP :198

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