Active Noni Juice

    With increasingly busier lives, we have very low recreation and relaxation activities. This and added stress of work and life involves us in a vicious cycle of leading our day to day existence. A well documented effect of the increasing stressful lifestyle is its ill effect on a persons’ physical and psychological health. Additionally, our poor diet and stressful lifestyle causes a deprivation of adequate healthy food consumption thus contribute to poor nutrition leading to weakness, poor energy, a weak immune system and therefore accelerated aging.

    Deltas Active Noni Juice is designed to maintain the immunity at peak, provides energy, rejuvenates & supports daily wear & tear of the body. It replenishes micro-nutrients & phytoactives required by providing natural energy. The formulation is based on phytonutrients botanicals that are enhanced with stem cell activator complex. It is an innovative first-in-its-class stem cell activator; formulated as a synergistic herbal juice for stimulating your stem cells and optimising stamina. Overall it improves the immune system, delivers superior antioxidants, increases energy, and allows greater physical performance levels.

    Pack size :500ml

    MRP :819

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