Diacare Tablet

    India today has more people with type-2 diabetes, more than any other nation. While timely detection and right management can go a long way in helping patients lead a normal life, it is well understood that disturbed blood sugar levels cannot be cured and lasts a lifetime. More than 30-40% of diabetics are uncontrolled inspite of receiving more than one drug. Thus, it is of prime importance to have a safe but effective option that can help manage blood sugar levels naturally and complement the diet, exercise and other modalities to bring blood sugar levels under control and prevent complications.

    Deltas DIACARE TABLETS offers the optimum solution by providing a natural support in reduction of hyperglycemia in individuals with disturbed blood sugar levels . The combination of herbs, significantly supports regulation of fasting and post-prandial blood sugar levels. It also controls changes in early diabetic complications. DIACARE tablets can help increase the plasma insulin and C-peptide levels. Microalbuminuria (a sign of kidney damage in which a large amount of the protein albumin is found in the blood) can be improved in individuals with abnormal blood sugar limits.

    Pack size :1x30Tabs

    MRP :350

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