Ayurveda-the science of life

Ayurveda or the Science of Life is a holistic approach to healthcare that helps people to lead a healthy and balanced life naturally.

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Ayurveda medicines uses inherent principles of nature, to attain optimal health & well-being by keeping the individual's body, mind & spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature.

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Direct Selling is not just business it is the Art and the Science of empowering, communicating and developing a relationship with another human being.

Maintain your body, mind & spirit in equilibrium

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Toptime under the leadership of our Chariman Mr. Babulal Jain, has a created several products from Farm to User; manufactured under strict quality assurance in Deltas Pharma. Infact; Deltas Pharma has achieved Organic certification, way back in 2010; this certification indicates a high quality raw material integration into production. Apart from that we have several quality certifications enabling our business and exports in over 25 countries.


Toptime Family Sponsors’ experience best incentives when their downline not only promotes business but also progresses toward Top of personal health and becomes ambassador of spreading education of world class products’. We at Toptime are aimed to provide the leadership training not only for business development, but also for the product’ scientific know how and its utility with the help of latest available technology.

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Pancha Tulasi Drops, a natural elixir prepared from the distillate of five species of Tulasi

Modern day lifestyle, pollutants, climatic adversity & adulteration leads to imbalance in immunity resulting in various endogenous (i.e. cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, stress related disease) & exogenous (i.e. viral, Bacterial fungal, Nutrition related) diseases. Need of the hour is an effective option that not only provides improved immunity but also offers microbial protection.

DELTAS Pancha Tulasi Drops, a clinically tested formula is prepared from the distillate of 5 species of Tulasi mixed together. Based on the Good Agricultural Practices, the stringent collection & sourcing of Tulasi, Rama Tulasi, Vana Tulasi, Sweta Tulasi and Nimbuka Tulasi is accomplished by Deltas Pharma under a stringent quality control systems.

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Our Company at a Glance

  1. In the year 1985, Shri Babuulal Jain has envisioned to contribute for holistic healthcare and development of plant based remedies. He has a visualised to provide highest quality herbs and to achieve this aspiration he has started working on ORGANIC cultivation of Ayurved Herbs in a farm near Guntur district, State of Andhra Pradesh of India. The 3000 acres of farm was converted into an organic field with Good Agricultural Practice and Organic cultivation guideline; thus the dream of getting the pure and organic raw herbs started taking shape.

  2. The Organic herbs were ready for harvest almost in 20th Century; in year 2005, with the help of a contract manufacturing unit, our Chairman, Shri Babuulal Jain with Mr. Madanlal Kankaria (CGM) has produced the standardized extracts from the harvest and formulated several compositions under the Name of "Padmavati Pharmaceuticals" for promotion through the Doctors; with a team of 50 medical representatives and managers.

  3. Very soon the brands like Joddaram, Dianow, Psorawin, Gynowin started becoming popular amongst Medical Doctors, Orthopaedics, Dialectologists, Dermatologist, Gynaecologists and Ayuved Doctors across the country. Thereafter sensing the need for establishing Quality Assurance; in the Year 2007, we started constructing our own manufacturing unit in Haridwar, the land close to Himalaya and enriched with plenty of natural resources, forest area, conducive climate and environment devoid of pollution. The construction & licensing was completed in Year 2007, and we started our own manufacturing on 12 December 2007; our foundation day.

  4. Own unit was essential for establishing and maintaining the quality of the products; since then our quality assurance division has achieved and maintained various national and international certifications for quality production and supply.

  5. Year 2009 was historical for us; with intensive research and development over 2 years; under the leadership of Dr. Aasin Maurya, we formulated Pancha Tulasi Drops; we further invested in various safety and clinical studies to launch the product in OTC segment. This was the time when we have started our OTC division and introduced Joddaram tablets and Joddaram Oil for nationwide promotion.

  6. Looking at our formulation success; various MNCs and Pharma companies started approaching us for development and further contract manufacturing of our products under private label. We have initiated the Private Label / contract manufacturing business actively since Year 2010 and very soon we have had more than 65 national and international clients for whom we started manufacturing on contact basis.

  7. Year 2010 was significant in History of Deltas as it has started its International Veterinary Division; achieved European GMP+ and started exporting its pure herbal compound feed/feed premixes to countries like Austria, Switzerland, and Netherland etc. This was possible great Effort with Finance, R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing team of Deltas. We were the first Ayurved Company started exporting 100% Organic Certified Complementary Feed Premixes to Europe. We proudly say that we retained our core team until date and we are present together as a team every time when needed.

  8. Until year 2013, we were working on "Private Label" in exports and have registered "Padmavati Pharmaceuticals" over 12 countries for human and veterinary exports. This year was very significant in our history; since this year we became "DELTAS Pharmaceutical" from "Padmavati Pharmaceuticals"; the renaming process was based on numerological suggestions. This year Deltas have started its Human Products' Export Division and started registering our specially designed and unique products under guidance of Shri Suresh Jain.

  9. Incubating the Vison of our Chairman, Shri Suresh Jain, started promoting and propagating the business. Under his guidance and aggressive leadership Deltas passed through various expansion; we became the first Ayurved Company to incubate entire IT team for end to end ERP, development of Mobile application for Medical Reps and state of art business intelligence, e-commerce and education tools.

  10. Year 2016 was waiting for us; it started with a new chapter, due diligence to initiate a new division "Direct Marketing". Before this, we have had supplied our products to various MLM companies under contract manufacturing for years, however, we have not yet decided to venture in Direct Marketing.

  11. Our team again, has given us the support and confidence to initiate the Direct Marketing Business; and based on confidence of our Finance, R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Logistic and Medico-Marketing Team we have started the new division "Toptime Network Private Ltd." in May 2016.

  12. For us "Toptime" literally "Healthy Living", we inspire people for "Toptime" and support their desire to grow the business through "Toptime". Our Topmost goal is to engage people for spreading education of preventive healthcare and lifestyle; thence to achieve their own corporal, mental and financial health.

  13. Today our Division "Toptime" is one of the fastest growing network in India, poised to get excellence into Ethical Network Marketing. We have launched 35 products in the span of 6 months from inception and looking forward to add another 65 herbal healthcare, personal care and animal care products in near future.

  14. Shri Babuulal Jain' vision to take the quality products to every household in India has been nurturing through past 30 years and it is supported by approximately 500 employees, all manufacturing partners, clients of Deltas Pharma and Thousands of "Leaders" and partners of Direct Marketing Division.