Royal Honey for Him

    Sexual health is an important biological entity in humans. Many adult men increasingly show signs of low libido due to poor nutrition and stressful lifestyles. This phenomenon further leads to increase in many physical or other psychological issues. Libido is associated with a good diet, holistic health and stress free mind. Many couples may not suffer from poor libido but find dissatisfaction in their sex lives. Often, the ability of a man to perform and endurance may lead to the issue.

    Deltas Royal Honey for Him is a potent honey based instant vitality booster. It is a unique blend of powerful aphrodisiac herbs that is instantly absorbed under the tongue and provides increase in blood circulation, endurance and performance. The entire product is enriched with nutritional biomolecules of proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Deltas Royal Honey for Him enhances overall strength, stamina of man and maintains the peak level of aphrodisiac anti-oxidant action in the body.

    Pack size :12Sachets

    MRP :3000

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