OptiHealth Capsule

    Indian diet is known to be a vegetarian diet, though we tend to consume the whole food on the plate, often we do not realize if the food is ‘whole’ in terms of its nourishment. Deprived nutrition leads to weakness, poor energy and ultimately a weak immune system. Additionally increased exposure to poor water quality, low hygienic conditions and pollution leads to increased exposure to infective agents and allergens; consequently affecting our immunity. A weakened immune system can contribute to increased susceptibility to colds, flu, recurrent infections and diseases and therefore accelerated aging.

    Deltas OptiHealth Capsule is a well-researched Proline-Rich Peptide (PRP) enriched formulation which provides immunological balance, supports innate immunity and optimum health. This phytonutrient formulation is enhanced with arabinogalactan from Guduchi; useful in supporting the natural rejuvenation of cells and immunity enhancer. E. officinalis is a potent Rasayan useful to promote health and is richest source of Vitamin C. W. somnifera possess anti-oxidant and Immuno modulatory properties. Natural extracts of Carrot, green tea, and spinach have abundance of carotenoids, Iron, Calcium, and ascorbic acid apart from their rejuvenating potential. Additionally, Shaiwal is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins, iron, and essential amino acids needed for disease-free living.

    Pack size :60Caps

    MRP :798

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