Livcare Syrup

    Although liver diseases are stereotypically linked to alcohol or drugs, the truth is that there are over 100 known forms of liver disease caused by a variety of factors & affecting everyone from infants to older adults. Various health conditions like autoimmune disorders and many types of drug use etc. can lead to a weak and impaired liver function. All these health conditions are potentially fatal for the body and often take a long time to recover. The liver itself, being diseased hampers early recovery and hence leads to a complicated vicious cycle of disease and poor liver functions. Additionally, with a rapidly changing urban landscape, superfast urbanization and moving towards living in concrete jungle, we are highly exposed to many types of radiation due to construction materials, microwaving of foods, use of instant foods etc.

    LIVCARE SYRUP thus acts as a hepato-protective remedy - which is a powerful, all natural, liver detoxifier & healer. It improves the functional efficiency of the liver & prevents further liver damage. LIVCARE syrup offers a unique protection against the radioactive radiation that we are exposed in the form of instant food, microwaving of food, use of charcoal, outside smoke, fumes etc. All these lead to liver damage & the robust formulation of LIVCARE syrup help reverse these damages.

    Pack size :200ml

    MRP :159

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