Knightmax Tablet

    Sexual weakness is a serious medical & social symptom that occurs in 10-52% of men & 25-63% of women. It is defined as the consistent inability to maintain satisfactory sexual relations. An estimated 20-30 million men suffer from some degree of sexual weakness. It occurs commonly in middle-aged & older men. It is also commonly seen in men with any chronic condition like diabetes, High BP, Renal failure, Stress, Obesity etc. An effective option that can maintain peak levels of energy - and improve the body’s stamina for endurance activities is essential for helping men regain their lost confidence and be able to overcome their physical weakness.

    Deltas KNIGHTMAX tablets are a precise and powerful blend of 16 cutting edge herbal ingredients that are designed to naturally support stamina, increase strength, build endurance, intensity & the experience of satisfactory intimate moments. The capsule enhances performance by virtue of improving vitality, endurance & provides aphrodisiac activity due to potent antioxidants. KNIGHTMAX tablets offer a perfect balanced supplementation for men to enhance their overall strength, stamina & endurance.

    Pack size :1x30Tabs

    MRP :669

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