Topvet Powder

    Deltas Topvet powder is for healthy ecosystem of cattle, calf and consumer, it provides optimum commercial ecosystem for farmer. Topvet powder is formulated with concepts of ancient Ayurved & Gau-ayurved for enhancing milk production and performance of animals. Topvet powder consists of herb Bala, Neem, Methi and Shigru (Moringa) helpful in stimulating the milk production and providing bone replenishment for animals. Soybean and Methi are known to increase the milk fat content; vitamin, amino-acids & other micronutrient availability. Guduchi is known as Rasayan and helpful in rejuvenating milk producing tissues, prevents mastitis during lactation phase & enhances immunity. Kalmegh herb acts as superior liver protective, antiviral, antibacterial and provides beneficial effects during calving phase; enhances calf immunity & physical activity.(Benefit for Animal: Reduces bone loss and weakness due to lactation. Keeps animal active during Transition phase. Efficiently sets next lactation cycle when used during dry phase. Benefit for Farmer: Increased milk out-put and milk fat content. Reduction in disease related to immunity, digestion and liver. Maximum output of dairy products during lactation cycle. Usage: Use 30-50gms of Topvet Powder mixed with sufficient jaggery & feed as bolus; once a day.)

    Pack size :1000gms

    MRP :495

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