Active Aamla Juice

     Premature wrinkles, skin tone, the condition of your hair, and the way you look and move can indicate whether your biological age is higher than your chronological age. Your biological age refers to how well your body is functioning and can be much higher or lower than your actual age.
    While a balanced diet, physical activity and intake of nutrients are important to avoid early ageing; there are wonderful gifts from nature that are enriched with properties that are highly beneficial to the human body. Using these gifts in their optimal form can support anti-ageing and provide the much needed vigor to combat oxidative stress - that causes accelerated ageing in the body. Deltas Active Aamla Juice is prepared with organically harvested Aamla fruits in combination with powerful hepatoprotective and anti-oxidant herbs like Amrita stem juice & Bhumi Aamla whole herb juice. Aamla or Indian gooseberry is a powerful superfood that help reduce the ageing process. It has proven to be an effective herb for eye diseases, digestive problems, blood sugar regulation and other health issues. It also plays an effective role in organ re-establishment, maintaining a strong heart and killing germs. It is also the richest natural source of vitamin C and iron.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    Pack size :500ml

    MRP :300

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