Wheatgrass Tablet

While Indian food is assumed to be strongly vegetarian, it is actually lacking in vegetables causing a deprivation of adequate healthy food consumption in our daily lives. Poor nutrition therefore leads to weakness, poor energy, a weak immune system & therefore accelerated ageing. WHEATGRASS tablet is a unique combination of natural ingredients that is processed in Amalki rasayana - an Ayurvedic superfood that is know to enhance immunity & provide nourishment to the body.

Wheatgrass contains over 100 different elements needed by man. One of the most noticeable (and important) nutrients in wheatgrass is chlorophyll. It’s a natural liver cleanser & detoxifier, acts like an antioxidant to reduce free radical damage, is a blood strengthener (it has a similar chemical composition to that of hemoglobin,) and can help give you a boost in energy. Additionally, it Is loaded with amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), enzymes which are needed for digestion, and many vitamins & minerals needed for disease-free living.

Dosage : 1 tablet twice daily

Presentation : 1 X 30 tablets

MRP : ₹ 348/-

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