Vatsal Memory Syrup

Physical developments in early childhood are accompanied by rapid cognitive and mental development. In today’s competitive world, kids are constantly pushed to perform better in both academic and extra-curricular activities; some children cannot cope with these demands leading to stressed cognitive apparatus. Stressed cognitive apparatus can elevate the risk of wide variety of problems, which include impairment of attention and concentration, impulsiveness, poor memory, speech defects, poor visual-motor coordination and writing disability. Also, Children (under 12 years of age) with attention deficit disorder lack the ability to focus and concentrate. Many children tend to show extremely lethargic behavior which makes them uninterested in day to day activities leading to reduced learning ability and lack of concentration. It supplements phospholipids and rare amino acids which have a major role in preserving and enhancing cognitive functions. It is a non-habit forming natural remedy and can be used in long term without any side effects.

Usage : Early morning empty stomach and before bed 4-7 years- 10ml 7-12 years -20 ml 12 years and above-30ml

Presentation : 100ml

MRP : ₹ 135/-

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