• Toptime Topper Plan
TOPPER Offer (Optional)

Topper Offer – Topper offer can be availed by all Toptime associates voluntarily. Toptime presents a unique Topper Offer linked to Generation Plan with an objective to provide rewards to the qualifying Topper associates worth Rs 1,99,05,000. These rewards can be achieved by the associates enrolling for Topper Offer billing; and the qualified Topper associates can achieve these rewards without time limitation. This means the qualified Toppers can achieve the total rewards may be in a year or in his/her/its lifetime based on their activity.

WHO is a Topper – The Active Associate voluntarily selecting Topper Billing Option can avail Topper Offer by making single purchase of products worth 5000 PV. Any active associate can enrol for Topper Offer once in lifetime. After you select Topper Billing option no PPV or GPV will be generated, purchase volume (PV) generated during Topper Billing shall be known as TPV.

Qualified Topper: Topper complying with code of conduct, Business Plan and Toptime Policy; and those, whose ID is active is known as qualified Topper.

Topper Billing – Billing of 5000 PV, through Topper Billing option can be voluntarily achieved by an Active or New associate for enrolling in Topper Offer. This billing generates TPV only.

Benefits of Topper Offer

Once in Lifetime Topper Billing Opportunity provides you 2 advantages of Topper Offer:

  1. A) One time Topper PV (TPV) will be generated and it will be added to all the Up line Sponsors’ TPV, who are qualified Toppers. This TPV is useful in supporting Generation Plan eligibility as mentioned below.
  2. B) One time Topper Count; added to you and your upline qualified Toppers; provides opportunity to achieve Topper Offer Rewards and Topper Multiplier Incentives.
  1. A) Benefits of TPV:
    • The current month TPV (from 0% to 11% legs) will be considered in Rank Promotion and Side Maintenance qualifications. For example (a) if any IBD whose Current GPV is 75,000 and he has TPV of 25,000, then he will be promoted to Team Leader at 13% Level. (b) If any Manager’s PPV is 1,000 and PGPV is 5,000 but he has got 15,000 TPV (from 0% to 11% legs) then he will be entitled for Rank Upgrade, Leadership Bonus and Funds. ONE ID CAN GENERATE TPV ONCE IN LIFETIME THEREFORE TPV IS NOT USED FOR ASSESSMENT OF ANY TYPE OF INCENTIVE FROM GENERATION PLAN OR TOPPER OFFER.
  2. B) Benefits of Topper Count:
    • On a single Topper Bill one Topper Count will be generated and this COUNT will be added to all the upline sponsors, who are Qualified Toppers, including self-Topper Count. The Topper Count thus will provide two benefits for Qualified Toppers a) Qualification for Topper Offer Rewards up to 1,99,05,000, and b) Qualification for Topper Multiplier Incentives.
  1. a). Qualification for Topper Offer’ Rewards:
    1. a) To achieve Topper Offer Rewards, you must become a Qualified Topper first and keep your ID Active otherwise, Topper Count will be passed on to the qualified upline Topper.
    2. b) Warning and Inactive IBD are unqualified for Topper Offer and will be in-eligible for benefits of Topper Offer (for example - TPV for rank upgrade and side maintenance to eligible candidates, Topper Offer Rewards, Topper Multiplier Incentive
    3. c) Qualified Toppers, will receive Rewards worth Rs 1,99,05,000; which will be rewarded based on the TOPPER COUNT (number of Toppers in his direct legs) as per Topper Offer Incentive Table. This table will be based on Topper Cumulative Count achieved in Lifetime by Qualified Topper, and this count will be displayed on the webpage dashboard in the form of Highest Leg’ (HL) Total Topper Count v/s sum of Rest of Legs’(RL) total topper count.
    4. d) Topper Offer Rewards amount will be shown along with Monthly Pay Out after deduction of TDS and processing Charges. However it will be mandatory for the beneficiary to provide proof of purchase of the Reward(s) Item to Toptime.

Minimum Topper Cumulative COUNT in Highest Leg Sum of Minimum Topper Cumulative COUNT in rest of the legs Reward Amount to be paid by Toptime to the seller of Reward’s Items directly
15 15 3,000
60 60 12,000
150 150 30,000
300 300 60,000
1,000 1,000 200,000
3,000 3,000 600,000
10,000 10,000 20,00,000
25,000 25,000 50,00,000
60,000 60,000 1,20,00,000
Total Rewards Value 1,99,05,000

Besides all above benefits the Qualified Topper will get Topper Multiplier Incentive as under –

  1. b) Topper Multiplier (TM) Incentive Qualification
    1. a) Topper Multiplier (TM) Count will also be displayed on Webpage Dash Board in the form of highest leg’ Total Topper Count v/s sum of rest of legs’ total topper count of the given day. The closing will be done on the same day. The match count of Highest Leg’ (HL) count v/s sum of the Total of Rest of Legs’ (RL) count will be evaluated on the same day.
    2. b) TM Incentive will be given at Rs 500 per matching count, subject to a daily capping of Rs 7000; which provides opportunity to earn up to Rs 210000 per month. The closing of matching pair will be done on daily basis. The number of daily matched pair with incentive amount will be displayed on dashboard on daily basis (subject to capping) however, the payment of the incentive of 7 consecutive days’ will be released on or before Thursday of the forthcoming week.
    3. c) The remaining unmatched TM Count will be carried over to next day, as the opening count of the next day.
    4. d) During the progress of the Topper Multiplier Incentive; if you become unqualified Topper or IBD in any of the month’ closing; Topper Multiplier Program will not provide the Topper Multiplier Incentive for all closings completing in forthcoming month.

Who are eligible for TM Incentive –

  1. a) Only Warning and Inactive Toppers will not be eligible for any Topper Offer benefits like TPV for rank upgrade and side maintenance, Topper Offer Rewards, Topper Multiplier Incentive.