Thermogenic Herbal Tea

With lifestyle disorders forcing more and more people to reel under excess body weight, even relatively younger people are developing joint disorders and knee pain. Excessive weight is associated with a series of health problems, including blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments. Yet another problem is that obesity puts people at an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis. It doesn't stop at this, obesity among children and adolescents too is rising rapidly too. More than 15 million children are estimated to be overweight in urban India. Obesity is particularly worrying in children because it is associated with a wide range of health complications and an increased risk of premature onset of illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease.

DELTA’s THERMOGENIC HERBAL TEA is a unique blend of herbs that form an advanced toning system for the human body. Specifically formulated with selected herbs that are well know for their high metabolic enhancing activity, this formulation help reduce weight and slim the body in a natural and safe manner. It increases body heat, which can enhance your efforts to lose weight as part of a diet and exercise program. This formulation is created with intensive researches and trials of 3 years to provide a natural adjuvant for management of weight, diabetes, common cold & cough, also act as metabolic stimulator.

Dosage : For optimum result use with carb-control diet. Add 1 sachet (5 g) to 150 ml of hot water, stir until granules dissolve and sip slowly. Repeat 2-3 times a day

Presentation : 5 gms X 30 sachets

MRP : ₹ 653/-

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