• Toptime Topper Plan
Offer for First Purchase of 3000 PV & Above in a single invoice by any Associate

  1. 1. All associates both new and existing can avail this offer by choosing First purchase offer billing.

  2. 2. The Billing amount should be minimum 3000 PV.

  3. 3. No PV will be generated on such first purchases, means no incentives will be given on such first purchases. However the associates opting first purchase offer shall receive an Active Noni juice 500 ml (MRP 720/-) absolutely free.

  4. 4. All existing range of products can be purchased by an Associate of his/her own choice.

  5. 5. All associates can avail this offer once in a lifetime only.

  6. 6. The Direct Sponsors up to 7 generations will be eligible for this offer. To receive incentive; sponsor can be old associate or a new associate who has opted for first purchase offer. Further to this the old associates whose cumulative PPV is 500 or above until Sunday of that week will be entitled for receiving the incentive. In case if any old upline sponsor is ineligible, the incentive will be passed to his eligible upline up to 7 generations.

  7. 7. First Purchase Incentive will be given based on Pair (2 First Purchases),means if any associate makes 2 first purchase joining under his direct down line, then it will be treated as 1 pair.

  8. 8. First Purchase incentive will be given to active sponsors as per Incentive Table subject to capping of Rs 75000 per week.

  9. 9. No Incomplete Pair will be forwarded in next week.

  10. 10. Active sponsors means those associates, who has either availed First Purchase offer or who is a topper or Who has made Personal Purchases worth 500PV in last 3 months.

  11. 11. This Offer will run from Monday to Sunday and will be closed at 11.55 PM every Sunday.

  12. 12. The incentives will be given on Every Wednesday the weekly incentive will be paid by RTGS to all eligible Sponsors, subject to VALID Pan card is updated for 5% TDS and correct Bank details are uploaded for RTGS.

  13. 13. First Purchase Incentive will be given to Active Sponsors(who has either availed First Purchase offer or who is a Topper or who has made purchases worth 500 PV in last three months) on each pair as under

Rs 800 per 1 pair To first generation Sponsor

Rs 400 per 1 pair To second generation Sponsor

Rs 200 per 1 pair To third generation Sponsor

Rs 150 per 1 pair To fourth generation Sponsor

Rs 150 per 1 pair To fifth generation Sponsor

Rs 150 per 1 pair To sixth generation Sponsor

Rs 150 per 1 pair To seventh generation Sponsor


Considering purchase of 3000 PV, you and your downline generates 4 first purchase IDs every week

No of IDs Nos. of Pairs Incentive Per pair Total Incentive
Generation 1 4 2 800 1,600
Generation 2 16 8 400 3,200
Generation 3 64 32 200 6,400
Generation 4 256 128 150 19,200
Generation 5 1,024 512 150 76,800
Generation 6 4,096 2,048 150 3,07,200
Generation 7 16,384 8,192 150 12,28,800
Your Weekly Incentives can be 16,47,000
Under Capping You Weekly Income 75,000

Total Nos of IDs till 7 Generations 21,844
Repurchase of 500 PV per month in 3 months by all 1,09,22,000
Repurchase of 500 PV per month in 1 months by all 36,40,667
Monthly Total Repurchase by your 4 legs 9,10,167
Monthly Repurchase by your 1 leg 2,27,542
You Qualify as (Fast Track) Zonal Manager
Generation 7 16,384
Your Downline Qualify as Manager
Your Approximate Monthly Payout 50,000