Face Nikhar Anti-Acne Cleanser

Many people with dry skin suffer from acne due to many underlying causes such as microbial infection etc. People with dry skin also have to continuously face the problem of wrinkles and fine lines appearing on the skin. Along with acne, these conditions make the skin look dull, aged and without any radiance. This makes people feel shy or embarrassed to socialize and have a fear of being labeled as unattractive. An effective remedy for acne for people with dry skin, should work on removal of acne as well as improve the health and radiance of the skin - so as to provide holistic skin care.

Delta’s FACE NIKHAAR ANTI ACNE LOTION is a purely herbal preparation that is devoid of any synthetic components that can harm the skin. It not only treats acne eruptions, but also nourishes and re-energizes the skin causing radiance and healthy looking skin. Collectively the entire formulation work treats pimples and skin eruptions, healing infection while keeping the skin soft and smooth. It provides excellent emollient action and smoothens the skin preventing acne, cracks and wrinkles.

Dosage : Wash face 2-3 times a day with plain water or Deltas Acne Face Cleanser (Do not use soap). After washing apply a small quantity of lotion on face and rub softly in circular motion.

Presentation : 100 ml

MRP : ₹ 105/-

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