Dentacure Cleanser

A healthy teeth and gums are more important than cosmetically good looking teeth. Thus, overindulgence in synthetic options that provide for cosmetic benefits may not be the right option for complete oral health. Synthetic additives such as fluoride or gluten are known to cause damage in the long run. There are numerous people today around us who suffer from minor to major oral problems, such as toothache, bleeding gums, dental plaques, foul odor from mouth, cavities, sensitivity to cold foods etc. A solution that offers complete oral care is the need of the hour.

Delta’s DENTACURE tooth cleanser is a polyherbal formulation that not only provides an efficient option against plaques, but also improves oral immunity, cleanses the teeth and provides freshness - all without utilizing any synthetic additives. Its is a complete herbal formulation devoid of any animal based product/ingredient.

Dosage : Use 2 times a day

Presentation : 100 gm

MRP : ₹ 86/-

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